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Dear MAHA Members,

My name is Alex Barber, the new Latino Partnership Coordinator here at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mass Bay. We are a one to one mentoring organization that matches youth ages 7-12 with caring, responsible and stable adult volunteers. With the gowning need to serve the Hispanics/Latino youth, we are passionately looking to expand those services throughout the different communities around Boston. As a result I was brought in to build relationships with organizations and businesses where there is a large Spanish Speaking population. We currently have more than 300 Spanish speaking children on the wait list.

We are in HUGE need of mentors of color, especially Hispanic positive role models. We want to have our communities understand the possibilities around, and advocate for themselves. Have the future generation aware of their rights and dreams. Our focus is connecting the Hispanic/Latino Littles with someone they can relate to, and have a meaningful impact in their lives.

Please help us by considering the different programs we offer to best fit your schedule and needs. We serve from Gloucester down to the Cape Islands, currently over 155 communities around Mass Bay. The main focus is to HAVE FUN while being a positive role model. Our outings may include biking, movies, taking, reading, arts and crafts, and many and anything you can come up with. Our children just need someone to show up when they say they will.

I encourage you to go on our website at and sign up to learn more. Feel free to tell your friends and family about us. Below is my contact information and additional information for your viewing. I look forward in hearing from members of the Massachusetts Association of Hispanic Attorneys.


Turns out doing something important can be incredibly simple.
Check out the following programs to see which best fts your
Community Based Program
As a Big in our Community Based Program, you’ll meet with your Little for a few hours a couple of tmes a month for at least a year wherever and whenever is convenient for you both. Since you’ll be matched with someone with common interests, fnding things to do together won’t be hard!
School and Site Based Programs
Bigs in our School Based Program are matched for a year with a Little from one of our partner elementary or middle schools in the local community. You’ll meet with them either during lunch of afer school, three to four tmes a month for 40 minutes. You’ll enjoy the same rich experience in out Community Based program but with a little more structure and predictability.


Join now at or email

Expanding Service to Hispanic/Latino Youth

The Need
Caring adults are fundamental to children’s healthy development, but thousands of children across Massachusetts Bay are growing up with too few of them in their lives. Lack of adult support in childhood is linked to problems like academic underachievement, emotional and behavior disorders, teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol use, involvement in the criminal justice system and joblessness, resulting in unfulfilled human potential and a heavy cost on society

Mission and Impact
For over 65 years, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay (BBBSMB) has been partnering with under-resourced families to provide their children with professionally supported one-to-one transformational relationships with caring adult mentors so that their children will thrive.
Our mentoring relationships have proven results. Their transformational power opens doors and changes the way children see their world – and themselves We measure our success through character development, educational success, higher aspirations, greater confidence, better relationships and avoidance of risky behaviors. BBBSMB’s results are
top 5% in the nation.
Largest in New England
BBBSMB is the largest 1-to-1 adult-child mentoring program in New England. We currently serve more than 2,400 youth ages 7 – 21 across Massachusetts Bay with a staff of 80. Our FY16 operating revenue was $7.2M (top 3 in the nation). We are volunteer and donor driven.

Service to Hispanic/Latino Youth
We currently serve over 800 Hispanic/Latino youth in one-to-one mentoring relationships, close to 35% of our total service population. Cities and towns with the highest numbers of Hispanic/Latino youth served include: Roxbury, Dorchester, East Boston, South End, South Boston, Brighton, Jamaica Plain, Waltham, Cambridge, Charlestown, and Roslindale. We have grown service to Hispanic/Latino youth by 65% in the past four years.
In light of the size of our service to the Hispanic/Latino cohort, we have intentionally hired Spanish-speaking staff, approximately
33% of our team.
We recently hired a
Hispanic/Latino Coordinator fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and Cape Verdean to focus on building our corporate, community and college/university relationships in support of adult volunteer recruitment.

Our Challenge
– We currently have 300 Hispanic/Latino youth waiting for a Big Brother or Big Sister.
– We have waits in all of the cities previously noted where service levels are highest as well as in: Quincy, Somerville, Allston, Chelsea, Hyde Park, Revere, Lynn and Everett.
– The Hispanic/Latino population in our region is growing and demand will continue to increase.
– Only 10% of our Hispanic/Latino youth are matched with a Hispanic/Latino Big. o We seek to increase our recruitment of Latino and Spanish-speaking volunteers for a variety of reasons. For example, it is important in our service model that the adult volunteer can communicate effectively with the youth’s family. As a result, youth in families where the adults do not speak English often go unserved.

Community Partnerships
We have historically invested in building relationships to engage families and organizations that can identify youth in need in the Hispanic/Latino community. Some of our current partnerships:
– City of Boston: Boston Housing Authority, Boston Centers for Youth and Families, Boston Police Dept., Boston Public Schools, City Connects, the Mayor’s Mentoring Movement (Felix Arroyo)
– Community Health Centers in East Boston, South End, South Boston, Roxbury, etc.
– Community development organizations throughout Boston: ABCD, Inquilinos Boricua en Acción, Urban Edge, etc.

Resources We Need to Serve More Hispanic/Latino Youth
– Hispanic/Latino community partnerships including faith-based organizations
– Latino and/or Spanish-speaking volunteers
– Relationships/partnerships with Hispanic/Latino groups and associations such as:

  • ALPFA, National Society of Hispanic MBAs, Latino Professional Network (LPN), etc.
  • Corporate Hispanic/Latino affinity groups
  • Companies that employ a high number of Latino or Spanish-speaking employees

– Relationships/partnerships with Hispanic/Latino media
– Relationships/partnerships with Latino and/or Spanish-speaking groups at college campuses
– Hispanic/Latino leaders serving in our volunteer leadership structure: Board of Directors, Board of Overseers, and Young Professional Group members
– Effective marketing/messaging to potential Latino and Spanish-speaking volunteers
– Financial resources

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